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How can I find an event in my location?Expand Check out this map! Or this list of events! How can i put my event on the map?Expand

No matter the size or scale of the event you are planning, even if you are alone  lighting a candle at the library where you first encountered David’s work, please fill this form out. There is solace and solidarity in “seeing” each other in this way.

If you register here first, you may edit the event later and add further information. Actually the marker on the global map takes a couple of hours to appear. We are working on speeding that up.I am having an event and would love to invite other people, How can I do that?Expand Here you will find a form that puts your event on the map, we suggest you share your event in all the other ways too. Please include a way to reach you that you feel comfortable making public i.e social media handles, email etc. there be a live stream of different events(s)? How can I watch or engage?Expand On Oct 11 you can watch a long livestream (soon on this website) or cruise around the map (here). Me and my comrades are making a tribute video, can we post it somewhere?Expand

Great! Please contact us at: carnival4david@riseup.netI’d like to give a talkā€”is there anywhere i can make an appearance?Expand

Great! Please contact us at: carnival4david@riseup.netWhere can we send a link to our livestream?Expand Submit your event here and enter your streaming URL in the form field
ADDITIONAL FIELDS > Event Stream URL. I heard you were livestreaming for 24 hours on OCT 11, Is there a schedule? How does it work?Expand There will be a livestreaming here:
A schedules will be published. I’m a journalist wishing to cover this event who should I contact?Expand

Great! Please contact us at: carnival4david@riseup.netI”d like to donate something in honor of David and his work, is there a memorial fund or way to support the work he was doing?Expand

Great! Please contact us at:

Need help? Find help here:

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