Kazu Sakurada, Indymedia Japan

Osaka June 20th 2008 – a historical fact nobody knows
At the Kansai International Airport, waiting for an Italian coming from France who was held in interrogation by immigration, you kindly stayed more than half a day with me in the departures lobby, while you skyped with your girlfriend.

Osaka June 22nd 2008 – photographic and video evidence exists
Under the suffocating sky of the rainy season, together with the homeless of Osaka and their supporters, you enjoyed making puppets for the protest.
While we waited under a shelter for the march to begin, you were alone playing a balancing game with a bamboo stick in the palm of your hand,.
As our small saints’ march wove through the huge park, someone on a melodica played “The Internationale”.

On our way back from the park, you dragged a heavy bag filled with cloth scraps, though no one had asked you to.
You had assumed as if from collective memory that it was our bag, that someone had forgotten it.
This was an act of original solidarity and comradely affection — that is, a natural human gesture.
Transcending history, this kind of universality will never disappear.
How even in the darkest night, sodium chloride is the salt of the earth.

— Kazu Sakurada, Indymedia Japan, from Osaka




──櫻田和也、Indymedia Japan