Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for DAVID GRAEBER


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This is an invitation to come together across the world for a memorial carnival in the spirit of the one and only, David Graeber, who just left us so suddenly and unexpectedly. The invitation emerges from his wife Nika and a handful of his friends …

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Everyone who offered support, everyone who feels close to David, please share the invitation to Memorial Carnival4David October 11! Live and streamed, inside and outside, here and everywhere—from sun rise to sun set.

Please, invite all your friends, neighbors and strangers! Let’s all be together in mourning and organizing.

How to join #Carnival4David:

  1. Take a look on the map and join someone in your area. For example, NYC, London and S-Petersburg have lots of events.
  2. If nothing is going on in your area (like in Kazakhstan, Iceland and Taiwan), send us your name. Maybe someone wants to join you?
  3. If you are willing to organize public events (like conferences, theatrical marches, concerts, or just reading David’s texts online) please fill in this form. You can put yourself on the map as an organizer!


Journey to Nutopia at The Cockpit

Journey to Nutopia, in collaboration with Church of Burn, presents an evening of recollections, readings and tributes to David.

Zad: Carnaval-Commemoratif Intergalactique pour David Graeber

All day event: 14 h procession begins, 19h lectures begin

[event link]

Carnival at the Foundry (Galicia)

Pretending to be someone else is central to any carnival. At the Foundry, we will continue this tradition by reenacting a roundtable with David and others. After this reenactment, there will be time to discuss David’s legacy and all its future echoes, guided by the defiant insistence that another world is possible. (And for drinks, which are also central to any carnival.)

[event link]


Memorial Carnival Oct 11th

Introductory Zoom

Join us via Zoom!already over

Join the international livestream!


Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graber – Uppsala & online

Join us via Zoom!

[event link]

Bring your David Graeber texts, books, instruments to play or just anything to celebrate and remember David Graeber. You’re strongly encouraged to wear a carnival mask or anything similarly carnivalesque. The memorial will consist of us together reading aloud from our favourite parts of David’s books and texts, and hopefully someone playing something. The format will be a mock university class, teaching session, very much in the spirit of David’s anarchist work and life.

Melbourne Memorial Carnival for David Graeber

Melbourne Memorial Carnival for David Graeber

Join us via Zoom! Password: 476320

[event link]

As Melbourne remains in lockdown we meet virtually to celebrate David’s life and work.


Carnaval Intergaláctico en Argentina

Join us via Zoom!