How to Stream Video

We very much want all participants to be able to be together on this special day at least in spirit, so we encourage you to stream your event online. Please send us embed codes and/or links to the event and its stream to be included in the gallery viewable on

And we’re arranging a special temporary live streaming TV channel combining all the different feeds. This channel will feature events both live and online. We are able to work with all kinds of live video streams (Youtube, vimeo, Facebook Live, twitch, etc.).

We are currently setting up a schedule for a stream lasting at least 12 hrs., and we’d love to include your event in some way.

Are you planning a live event outdoors? Perhaps you’d consider streaming it via iPhone(s) to a streaming video service of your choice?

We can “pull” your feed and include it, as long as you get in touch and supply us with a link.

Are you planning something online, rather? We can of course, also include your lone video or zoom in our larger stream. Don’t know how to stream from zoom? We can help you to set this up. Just let us know.

Or maybe you have some other kind of video recording you’d like to donate? Tell us where we can download it and we’ll try to find a place for it in the timeline.

Or you can upload yourself at

Please send your links, ideas, or questions to

or, like always to

Streaming Help

  1. Streaming a live event from your smartphone: This is a very simple process, prefer platforms that allow one to watch without logging in, like YouTube Live and Periscope, do not prefer platforms like Facebook or Instagram Live that require viewers to log in. That said, we will not reject your stream if it’s on any of the many other popular ones!

    For YouTube Live, instructions for Android & Apple phones are here. Please note you’re streaming on YouTube for the first time, enabling your account to stream might take 24hrs. So if you plan to stream via YouTube, it would be a good idea to do a test stream a day beforehand. The guide for streaming on Periscope can be found here.

  2. If you’re using remote meeting software: Many meeting apps have a built-in livestreaming feature, that will enable you to stream directly to platforms like YouTube, unfortunately in many platforms like Zoom for instance this isn’t available on the free tier. A simple and neat workaround for that is using livestreaming software called OBS, it will essentially record your screen and audio, and pipe that as an input source (like a webcam) for you to stream. There are numerous guides available online, you may search for OBS along with your meeting platform name to find relevant tutorials. Here’s a nice video for Zoom and OBS, and the same author’s blogpost. You will have to have the Zoom and OBS desktop clients (applications) before starting this.

  3. You’re successfully streaming! What’s next? If you have already registered an event, update it’s entry with the stream’s URL! If not, check this form out. Starting a spontaneous stream (maybe another camera angle/perspective from a live event)? Do reach out to us on chat with the link!

(Feel free to join the Discord server behind our chat!)