David and I had a large collection of Venetian masks and hats. For the Portobello Road Notting Hill Carnival we will give them to our friends, neighors, and David’s named parents, Neil and Magdalene.

But what about those who don’t have masks and hats, freakish capes or oldswords (David had all those)? We have made a collection of costumes and masks for you that can be downloaded and printed.

To view the masks, choose the one you like and print it. You will find DIY costumes descriptions.

If you are an artist, fashion designer of just a person who likes dressing up and would like to help our Carnival4David, then draw your mask and send it to us. It will be your contribution to David’s memory. It may help someone take part in the carnival.

Nika Dubrovsky

“We will remain faceless because we refuse the spectacle of celebrity, because we are everyone, because the carnival beckons, because the world is upside down, because we are everywhere. By wearing masks, we show that who we are is not as important as what we want, and what we want is everything for everyone.”

— David Graeber, “Direct Action: an Ethnography” Here’s some mask ideas.
You can download these or make your own.

Painting by O. Yiğit Özdemir DOWNLOAD

Print at home posters

“I would propose that we just rip up the discipline of economics as it exists and start over. So this is my proposal in this regard. I think that we should take the ideas of production and consumption, throw them away, and substitute for them the idea of care and freedom. Think about it, you know. “
David Graeber, 27 December 2019:

Painting by Gianluca Costantini DOWNLOAD