Mari Matsumoto

His death occurred way too suddenly. I don’t have a satisfactory way to talk about David Graeber. I got to know him during the protest against the 2008 G8 Summit that took place in Hokkaido. In Japan the translation of his Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology was published in 2006, and has since been inspiring many of us Japanese anarchists and feminists. We nurtured tremendous sympathy to the anarchist method and manner of building consensus that he introduced, thanks to which we were able to polish our senses for the original form of creating human connectivity.
Meanwhile, David’s person impressed me a great deal. I was struck by his innocent liveliness, how, during breaks from lectures and discussions, he totally immersed himself in everything that fascinated him, people’s behaviors, street signs, urban spaces and so on.

I am wondering what kind of journey is waiting for his books and his spirit. I believe they will embrace and encourage people, wherever they go.

— Mari Matsumoto from Tokyo