We imagined Сarnival4David as a space of solidarity. It was held in more than 200 locations worldwide from Zuccotti Park NY, in Rojava, the ZAD in France, Korea, Austria, Berlin and London—Portobello Road—the place where David spent the last years of his life.

Here you can see the recordings of broadcasts from around the world. We are working on an international video and will post it soon.


Reading David Graeber

Online transnational readings

I plan to read over the weekend various pieces of David's Graeber work.


Online transnational readings

on line share reading plus collective doc creation: zoom meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/77944332190?pwd=RmlobUZDaHEyZmxYQlpPbkpHQ2x3dz09#success Vamos a leer para lxs demás fragmentos de la obra de David Graeber. Estos fragmentos, elegidos de manera personal, luego los volcaremos colectivamente en un documento, al estilo de un cadavre exquis, algo así como el Carnaval Exquisito de David. Nos pedimos mutuamente estar […]