We imagined Сarnival4David as a space of solidarity. It was held in more than 200 locations worldwide from Zuccotti Park NY, in Rojava, the ZAD in France, Korea, Austria, Berlin and London—Portobello Road—the place where David spent the last years of his life.

Here you can see the recordings of broadcasts from around the world. We are working on an international video and will post it soon.


Sharing videos of David and passages from his work


just some friends -- largely clustered around Upstate New York -- gathering virtually to exchange perspective, reflect on David Graeber's life, and collectively rant about the future.

Being there


Just me in front of my computer

Dreampunk Kinarchist Observance


Kinarchists light candles in David's memory as he becomes an ancestor to our work through death. We light these candles with the intention of carrying his work forward into unlikely futures free of fascism and capitalism