Yi-jinkyung, Suyunomo104 member

Including the time when we invited David for the International Workshop at our commune Suyu+Nomo in 2009, I met him several times in Korea as well as Japan. I need […]


The invitation to the David Graver Memorial Carnival proclaims that “he had 50,000 brothers and sisters and 200,000 best friends”. However, this is a memory from someone who never quite […]

Choi Jinkyu

David, I never thought I would write a eulogy for you. I have a twitter account, which I basically created to read your tweets. But I never got used to […]

Abe Kosuzu

In July 2009 David Graeber came to Okinawa. A group of friends organized the trip, which turned out to be a gift for the students of Ryukyu University, who had […]