Yi-jinkyung, Suyunomo104 member

Including the time when we invited David for the International Workshop at our commune Suyu+Nomo in 2009, I met him several times in Korea as well as Japan. I need […]

Shiro Yabu

I am still appreciative to David Graeber for his having participated in the international protest against the 2008 G8 Summit in Hokkaido. He joined us by bravely going through the […]

Risa Tokunaga

In the context of Japan’s engagement in the anti-globalization movement and a concomitant acceleration of exchanges, David Graber returned to Japan in 2009. I interpreted for him during a lecture […]

Kazu Sakurada, Indymedia Japan

Osaka June 20th 2008 – a historical fact nobody knows At the Kansai International Airport, waiting for an Italian coming from France who was held in interrogation by immigration, you […]

Takashi Sakai

The news of his death was a total shock. I have been left speechless. There is no way to measure the magnitude of this loss. I am confused by this […]

Keisuke Narita, Irregular Rhythm Asylum

For me David Graeber has been the anarchist thinker who is always friendlily accessible and also seriously reliable at crucial moments. The wide-ranged perspective of his theory, based as it […]

Norihito Nakata

I remember my elder friends working hard to translate “The New Anarchists,” an early article in the New Left Review. Around that time, I came to engage myself in the […]

Ryota Mochiki

On a day in 2009, in Okinawa, we were having a party near Ryukyu University. All of us were enthusiastically talking about the students’ occupation of the New School in […]

Mari Matsumoto

His death occurred way too suddenly. I don’t have a satisfactory way to talk about David Graeber. I got to know him during the protest against the 2008 G8 Summit […]